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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Most people in San Antonio vacuum approximately once a week, but the truth is that actual vacuuming needs can vary dramatically depending on the level of traffic. Heavily trod areas may need vacuuming every two to three days.

The simple answer is as often as possible. Pets can shed and add extra odor to your carpets, so our suggestion is to contact South Texas Carpet Specialists for a weekly or monthly service package that will make sure you don't let dirt build up.

All San Antonio upholstery cleaners use different methods, but with a South Texas Carpet Specialists cleaning, your upholstery will be ready in less than two hours. We use steam extraction that leaves little moisture to dry.

We understand the need for a soft touch when cleaning valuable antiques. You can trust our talented team to use safe products and techniques to make your furniture look great without the threat of potential damage.

Getting rid of mold can be tricky because it likes both heat and humidity, both of which can be abundant in a shower. The South Texas Carpet Specialists answer is to use high-pressure washing and add grout sealant to prevent future growth.

The telltale signs are dreaded water spots, but other symptoms could also indicate a water leak. Check for increased water bills, cracked tiles, and excessive mildew growth or just call South Texas Carpet Specialists for a professional analysis.

For The Right Team At The Right Price, Dial Call 210-641-0000To Contact The Best In Town.

South Texas Carpet Specialists is a San Antonio business and offers both local and extended carpet cleaning service to those in our area.


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